Autistic Pride Day

  • Autistic Pride Day

    • 18 Jun  2021 

    RajaRajeswari College of Physiotherapy observes ‘Autistic Pride Day’ on 18th June 2021 marking this special day of observance.

    Autistic Pride Day is a pride celebration for autistic people held on June 18 each year. Autistic pride recognises the importance of pride for autistic people and its role in bringing about positive changes in the broader society. Autistic Pride Day was first celebrated in 2005 by Aspies For Freedom (AFF) who selected June 18 because it was the birthday of the youngest member of the group at that time. The AFF is a solidarity and campaigning group that aims at raising public awareness of the autism rights movement. The aim of Aspies For Freedom is to educate the public that the autism spectrum is not always a disability, and that there are advantages as well as disadvantages.