National Tourism Day 2021

  • National Tourism Day 2021

    • 25 Jan  2021 

    RajaRajeswari College of Physiotherapy observes ‘National Tourism Day 2021’ on 25th January 2021 marking this special day of observance.

    National Tourism Day was established to promote the tourism industry and recognize its contribution to the growth and sustainability of tourist destinations and local communities.

    Every year, January 25 is celebrated as the National Tourism Day in India. This day has been marked by the government in order to promote tourism in the nation. It is dedicated to educate and inform people about the vital role of tourism in the country and how it plays a crucial role in the Indian economy. India is a diverse country and is filled with the alluring beauty of culture and history. Every state has its own different cultures and diversification, and on this special occasion of National Tourism Day, we have compiled a list of some places that you can visit this year to encounter the best of India.