RRCP has been a breath-taking and highly enriching experience for me. I was lucky to have so many opportunities in not just academics but also sports and other competitions. The tremendous support of faculty members and mentors who sat with us for hours and hours preparing us, guiding us and helping us even after college has been very encouraging. I truly feel fortunate to be a part of such an incredible institution.

Anmol Purohit

For me, RajaRajeswari of Physiotherapy is not just an alma-mater, RRCP has nourished me into a confident professional and also has inspired me to start my career in litigation. RRCP strives towards making their students industry ready by encouraging them to participate and organize national level competitions viz. moot court, debates, client consultation, model parliament, conferences, cultural activities, sports etc. I am grateful to the Principal and College for the immense opportunities and immediate ‘go ahead’ provided for our innovative and constructive ideas.

Nitin Kushwaha

Life as a RRCP student is unique in its own right. Here studies are perfectly balanced with extracurricular activities for overall development. Co-curricular activities such as moot courts, paper publications, debates,quiz, etc. have helped me to expand the scope of learning beyond the books and syllabus. The environment not only helped me in imbibing knowledge but also in developing my overall personality and fueling confidence in me.