Rules & Regulations


    Clean Uniform, White Apron, ironed & fully buttoned with Name Plate (identity card issued by the institution) will be worn by all students over dress compulsorily during theory, practical, dissection, ward work & field work. At other times it should be neatly folded and carried.

    For Boys : Boys should wear formal dress, shoes & clean shaven.

    Not permitted: Jeans, T-shirt, sport shoes, floaters, slippers, ear-piercing, body-piercing, body tattooing, fancy hair style, caps, and sunglasses.

    For Girls :Girls should dress decently as mentioned below.Formal dressing

    • Salwar-kameez with Dupatta
    • Knee length kurta with Patiala &Duppatta
    • Long kurta (below knee) /anarkali with full length leggings &Duppatta
    • Saree (cotton /silk/simple synthetic)
    • Well groomed hair tied either as pony/plait & should be off the face
    • Clean &well trimmed nails
    • accessories which can be worn – watch, ear studs/small earrings, one or two bangles, short neck chains
    • Formal shoes /sandals
    • No religious attire which reveals the identity of religion like Burkha, hijab etc. is permitted.
    • Sleeveless kurtis to be avoided.


    Not permitted :Western wear/ tight fittings tops, fancy sarees – blouse, fancy hair accessories/colouring/hairstyle/flowers, bright makeup (flashy lipsticks/mascara/eye shadow), body tattooing, ornaments –jingling anklets/large earrings, heels more than 2 inch /floaters/fancy slippers.